Writing in Color - by Merrill Watrous

Perhaps you wondered about the title of this book; what does it mean to write in color? When students write from the heart, they polish drab black and white first drafts until jewel tones emerge. The deep reds produced by vigorous verbs, the bright blues highlighted by specific nouns, and the diverse shades of turquoise revealed by the skillful use of figurative language combine to become golden lines that sparkle as brilliantly as do the pictures that these writers paint with oils or pastels. When they write in color, young authors (as Sander notes) learn to listen to their own voices and become “dependent (no longer) on the ideas of others.”

Teach children how to write, or improve their writing skills, through the process of creating picture books. Download the free pdf of Writing In Color, below, or find the interactive, digital version of this free book for your iPad in Apple's iTunes store.